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I like books and music. I love to take pictures and doodle on the corner of my papers. I love to smile. I think there is a quote for every single occassion, so expect a lot of them. Until you get to know me, I'm closed off and come off as a little rude, but it's only because I'm shy. Sarcasm is my second language. I have a problem with word vomit and sometimes say things that are better left in my head. I'm a little stubborn and will happily shy away from arguing with people. I don't judge anyone and will think the best of a person, until they prove me otherwise. I'm willing to give everyone a shot. I'm very passionate about To Write Love On Her Arms, because I believe it is a truly amazing organization. There are five girls who are like my sisters. Be jealous :) I'm also mildly obsessed with Harry Potter. And by mildly...I mean a lot. My love for the books and movies (and the Weasley's) is quite possibly a little irrational, but that's okay by me.


19 04.27.11
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